Monday, November 3, 2008


OK so 6 random things about me...... I HATE FEET!
I know it's weird but I can't stand feet touching me! (Unless, you're below the age of 10) I seriously get cold chills if I can feel them getting near me!

#2 I can't stand when socks are falling off my, or other people's feet. I don't know about any of you but, when i was little and when i wore socks too big, my Mom would take the toe and fold them underneath my feet! UUHHHGGGG!I think that is where it all started. and when I would wear "moon boots" my socks would fall down! It makes my toes curl to think about it!

#3 I'm with Bob on the grilled cheese thing! I love to put jam on top of my grilled cheese sandwiches! Sounds nasty but, it's delicious!

#4 I am totally attracted to arms and hands on guys! most girls look at the teeth or eyes but, I like a yummy set of arms and hands!

#5 The sound of sealed plastic....String cheese, laffy taffy, sterile medical supplies sealed in plastic! EEEEKKKK makes me cringe!

#6 I LOVE stuff dipped in ranch dressing....Pizza, bread,veggies,air ha ha ha jk but, i do love it!

so there ya go. I'm a little crazy I know but, now I get to tag a few people hhhhmmm....BWW, Brooke, Amber, charlie, lesley and Kellie!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


yesterday was an eventful day @ the Beddoes house. I was at work and received a phone call from my mom that said "can you leave work right now, your dad is at the ER.He was kicked in the head by the horse!" my heart dropped so fast! Earlier in the day he received a phone call saying his horses were loose so, he took off to check out the situation. All was fine when he got there and couldn't figure out what they had been talking about because, they were still in the pasture. like I said in a previous blog I have 2 horses now. One is just a baby but, she has a tendency to BITE. He was walking with her right at his heels but, had a feeling she was going to bite so as he turned around she was standing on her two hind legs and came down right on top of his head! WOW that rung his bell! blood started to run so he figured he better drive himself to the hospital. NOT SMART!luckily no accidents on the way but, he did pass out when he arrived sitting in the chair (he doesn't think he did).They immediately did a CT scan and found out everything was fine, he just had a enormous goose ache and a pretty good laceration. 2 HOURS later they stapled him up and he was on the road! He is a stubborn old man and obviously hard headed! He was positive he could drive himself home but, I wouldn't take the chance.I have to say he is pretty dang lucky it was not serious! I have realized a lot living with the parents....It's hard to see them get older and not as agile as they used to be!It looks like I am gonna have to start wrapping him in bubble wrap when he leaves the house.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This last weekend i went for the longest road trip of my life! I drove to Boise with Misty. On the way we stopped by to see our friend Amber in Gooding. I haven't seen her for a while now so it was great to see her and her adorable boys! She had a baby 3 weeks ago and named him Crew Fairbanks Turner! He is the tiniest little thing but, stinking adorable. I asked her a couple of times if I could take Dawson home but, she wouldn't go for it! After hanging out with her for a day we headed to Boise. I felt like I was driving to the end of the earth. We checked out the mall that is supposed to be so amazing and I have to say not so impressed. We made Boise a quick trip and headed out for the extremely long ride home. By time I reached Provo I was about ready to tear my hair out! I don't do well in the car for a long time. Over all it was a great weekend but, great to be home!
Dawson! Could he be any cuter?!

Me and crew.

Ambs and Dawson

Amber Turner.
Misty Dawn Rich.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, Sunday me and my mom and sister decided to take a little drive up in Woodland Hills. The drive was beautiful with all the leaves. We stopped the car for a second to get a few good pics for Jordan and Sadie my dog took the opportunity to escape. She took off into the bushes scoping things out and ran head on with a deer. I couldn't help but laugh because, she thought she was 10 feet tall and made of Steele. after 10 min of yelling at her trying to get her in the car I gave up and started to drive hoping she would follow and jump in the car.....NOPE! after a few attempts of this I was getting VERY frustrated! I drove a little farther down the road and two more deer jumped across the road and Sadie was on hot pursuit. I couldn't do anything but stand in the road and yell. I looked to the right and there is another deer standing on the ledge just staring at us. Sadie notices it and makes a scene and tries to climb up the ledge towards it. I thought I would be tricky and sneak up behind her and grab her. As I slowly approached her i turned to my family (sitting in the car laughing hysterically) and said "I'm afraid it's going to launch off the ledge at me.....sure enough about 3 steps away from Sadie the thing jumps off towards me! AAAHHH! I don't think I have ever moved that fast or seen my family laugh that hard in a long time. The sad thing was I jumped in the car and closed the car door so fast I forgot about Sadie and left her out there with it.I think it scared her so bad she got in the car pretty quick after that.I think she had a feeling I was ticked at her because, she wouldn't get near me all day.oh, it doesn't end there. an hour later i could hear her barking outside and the neighbor is chasing her. She had stole the neighbors Frisbee while they were playing!! Good thing the kid was a good sport and thought she was pretty funny. I don't believe when they say "pets act like their owners"! Are you kidding me!


OK I know I get a little obnoxious when I talk about my babies but, COME ON!!! Could they be any cuter??!!! I know bob blogged about the same thing but, I LOVE these pics! This is why I can't have my own kids....they could never be this cute! I think they are beautiful girls with the most adorable (sassy) attitudes. There is nothing better to brighten your day than a girlie giggle and a squeeze around the neck.(by the way the pic with me was NOT supposed to happen. I was trying to get chandler to sit on the stool.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gal Pals!!!

Over this last weekend I got together with all the gal pals from high school. It is amazing we all still love to hang out with each other after so many years. We have all taken so many different paths but, we still love and care about each other a lot. They are all BEAUTIFUL women that have overcome and struggled with difficult trials. I adore and look up to them in so many ways. I could not ask for a better group to share my tears,trials,life and most of all laughing moments with!I love you all gals and Thank You so much for all the great times!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, we haven't been able to see the Kamas girls lately because they are in swimming lessons. We decided to drive to Kamas and visit for a day. The kids broke out uncle greg's scooter and had a ball. Bob made us all banana splits for dinner!! way to go bob! I just love those Kamas girls. Ya can't hardley get enough of them. They get to come spend the night next weekend so it should be a fun filled weekend with girls, girls, girls!

Picture Day

I just thought this was a cute pic of Ally and Cooper on there picture day at school. Ally just started kindergarten this year and coop is in 5th grade! Gosh my kids are cute!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Misty and I met...who knows how long ago! we worked together at CVWC in Logan. It works out great because she is married and her hubby lets me tag along. Last spring we went to Jackson Hole (our favorite) and lounged around all weekend. When i first met her I did NOT like her. Anyone that knows misty knows that she is a little rough around the edges but, has a huge heart. She has over come so many trials in her life that not many people could. Over the years we have grown to become great friends and she is someone I truly admire and love. Thanks for everything BFF!


Jordan has been a HUGE part of all of our lives. he is currently serving in the Boston Mass mission, which is a complete dream come true for him.He is a total Redsox Fan! Before he received his call he made his parents promise they would take him to Boston when he got home and his first child was going to be named Boston.Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity of living next door to the smith's and building a great relationship with Jord. He is the little brother I never had and a great friend. You can't help but love his dimples and adorable smile. We all miss him terribly but, know he is doing what is right. Jordan has taught me a lot in life about achieving your goals and having faith. He has an amazing spirit and I miss him a ton!!! I love you Jord!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008


My life is not too eventful. I have a usual group of pals that I hang with and it was Kellie's b-day last week so we decided to go out and Celebrate! kellie decided she wanted to go to Macaroni Grill. I think the entire day all we did was EAT! We made the excuse all day that it was her b-day so we ate 3 desserts!

Another baby!

About a year ago I bought my first horse. All of my life I have wanted a paint horse a great opportunity came my way and I couldn't pass it up. It happened to be that at the time I bought her she was expecting. I am not quite sure how in a year I have collected so many animals. On April first I received a phone call from my dad asking for "grandma Jamie"....HUH! Harley had her colt and immediately I was attached! I am really struggling with a name for her so if anybody has any ideas help me out (and NO it is not going to be awesome blossom)!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All my kids