Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gal Pals!!!

Over this last weekend I got together with all the gal pals from high school. It is amazing we all still love to hang out with each other after so many years. We have all taken so many different paths but, we still love and care about each other a lot. They are all BEAUTIFUL women that have overcome and struggled with difficult trials. I adore and look up to them in so many ways. I could not ask for a better group to share my tears,trials,life and most of all laughing moments with!I love you all gals and Thank You so much for all the great times!

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Brooke said...

Jamie, your blog is way cute! I love reading your blog and getting to know you. Lunch was fun today. Thanks for letting me tag alogn. I am looking forward to the human muscle thing. TTYL.