Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, Sunday me and my mom and sister decided to take a little drive up in Woodland Hills. The drive was beautiful with all the leaves. We stopped the car for a second to get a few good pics for Jordan and Sadie my dog took the opportunity to escape. She took off into the bushes scoping things out and ran head on with a deer. I couldn't help but laugh because, she thought she was 10 feet tall and made of Steele. after 10 min of yelling at her trying to get her in the car I gave up and started to drive hoping she would follow and jump in the car.....NOPE! after a few attempts of this I was getting VERY frustrated! I drove a little farther down the road and two more deer jumped across the road and Sadie was on hot pursuit. I couldn't do anything but stand in the road and yell. I looked to the right and there is another deer standing on the ledge just staring at us. Sadie notices it and makes a scene and tries to climb up the ledge towards it. I thought I would be tricky and sneak up behind her and grab her. As I slowly approached her i turned to my family (sitting in the car laughing hysterically) and said "I'm afraid it's going to launch off the ledge at me.....sure enough about 3 steps away from Sadie the thing jumps off towards me! AAAHHH! I don't think I have ever moved that fast or seen my family laugh that hard in a long time. The sad thing was I jumped in the car and closed the car door so fast I forgot about Sadie and left her out there with it.I think it scared her so bad she got in the car pretty quick after that.I think she had a feeling I was ticked at her because, she wouldn't get near me all day.oh, it doesn't end there. an hour later i could hear her barking outside and the neighbor is chasing her. She had stole the neighbors Frisbee while they were playing!! Good thing the kid was a good sport and thought she was pretty funny. I don't believe when they say "pets act like their owners"! Are you kidding me!


Billie Jo said...

I would have loved to see this. I once threatened my kids that I was leaving them on the side of the road. Everytime Mia is in trouble in the car, she says "Are you going to leave me on the road?" BTW your kids would be just as adorable!

cheyenne and misty rich said...

i have never laughed so hard, jamie i can totally see you running and poor sade.