Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, we haven't been able to see the Kamas girls lately because they are in swimming lessons. We decided to drive to Kamas and visit for a day. The kids broke out uncle greg's scooter and had a ball. Bob made us all banana splits for dinner!! way to go bob! I just love those Kamas girls. Ya can't hardley get enough of them. They get to come spend the night next weekend so it should be a fun filled weekend with girls, girls, girls!


ashlee said...

HOw fun! You are such a lucky aunt!!

Robbin said...

WOW! A new post and I'm even in it! be sure to upload all your new pics to winkflash so I can copy them! BTW that wasn't dinner. My kids had cold cereal right before bed that night!

Billie Jo said...

Nothing better than a quick trip to Kamas for some fresh country air. I love the scooter but honestly I think it fits Cooper better than Uncle Greg!