Monday, November 3, 2008


OK so 6 random things about me...... I HATE FEET!
I know it's weird but I can't stand feet touching me! (Unless, you're below the age of 10) I seriously get cold chills if I can feel them getting near me!

#2 I can't stand when socks are falling off my, or other people's feet. I don't know about any of you but, when i was little and when i wore socks too big, my Mom would take the toe and fold them underneath my feet! UUHHHGGGG!I think that is where it all started. and when I would wear "moon boots" my socks would fall down! It makes my toes curl to think about it!

#3 I'm with Bob on the grilled cheese thing! I love to put jam on top of my grilled cheese sandwiches! Sounds nasty but, it's delicious!

#4 I am totally attracted to arms and hands on guys! most girls look at the teeth or eyes but, I like a yummy set of arms and hands!

#5 The sound of sealed plastic....String cheese, laffy taffy, sterile medical supplies sealed in plastic! EEEEKKKK makes me cringe!

#6 I LOVE stuff dipped in ranch dressing....Pizza, bread,veggies,air ha ha ha jk but, i do love it!

so there ya go. I'm a little crazy I know but, now I get to tag a few people hhhhmmm....BWW, Brooke, Amber, charlie, lesley and Kellie!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie just checked out your blog! It's darling. I am working on mine so hopefully I will get it up and running soon. Tell the family hello and I'm glad your dad is OK. Love the pics of Bob's kids. Love Ya, Melinda

Brooke said...

I may or may not be the Brooke that you tagged, but I am going to do it! I miss you and Kellie. How are you girls? Did you ever make it up to "Body World"?

Craig and Brittney said...

It is time for you to update your blog!